Hi loves! It’s been a while so just checking in to ask how you all are! I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it is already May. This year has flown by so quickly, I can hardly keep track. It’s also coming to that point of the school year now when teachers are subtly hinting at end of year exams which I have desperately been trying to ignore haha! However, on a good note, the weather in London has been warming up a bit and it’s getting dark at 8:00pm now (finally)! I seem to be finding myself hopelessly dreaming of summer during class and I often find myself staring out the window on more occasions than I can count. The idea of spending endless days in the park sunbathing with a good book sounds heavenly!

Anyway, today I thought that I would bring back a ‘series’ that I did on my old blog for the lovely month of May where I share everything from art, film stills, excerpts from books or even just photos that I’ve liked and found on the internet. Voilà, a visual mixtape! I hope you enjoy!

Flair Magazine, January 1971
Behind the Scenes of the filming of 'Marie Antoinette', 2006
Chloë Sevigny by Mark Borthwick
Britt Ekland
Kate Moss for Gucci Spring, 1996
Gill by Sam Haskins, 1965
  1.  telepatía – Kali Uchis
  2.  Female Energy, Part 2 – WILLOW
  3.  Binz – Solange
  4.  Call it Fate, Call it Karma – The Strokes
  5.  Hiding Tonight – Alex Turner
  6.  I Bet On Losing Dogs – Mitski
  7.  Moon Song – Phoebe Bridgers
  8.  Champagne Problems – Taylor Swift
  9.  Lovers Rock – TV Girl
  10.  Cherry Flavoured – The Neighbourhood
  11.  Half Time – Amy Winehouse
  12.  Pluto Projector – Rex Orange County
  13.  Sugar Honey Iced Tea – Kelis
  14.  Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar) – Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar
  15. Celia’s Dream – Slowdive

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you’ve been listening to lately, I love finding new songs from lovely people! I hope to see you around soon!

All my love,

Arabella x

4 thoughts on “visual mixtape and playlist pt. 1

  1. Literally, I recognise four of the pictures on your moodboard because I have pinned them on my Pinterest. We clearly have the exact same aesthetic then – I love it! Also what great music choices. I still love ‘Peaches’ because it just gives me the best vibes and I LOVE Daniel Ceasar. Overall, an absolutely fantastic post xx

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